Vijaya Productions - shAvukAru ( 1950 )

Color Black & White
Type 35MM
Release Date 07th April
Screenplay and Direction: Prasad, L.V
Produced by Chakrapani and Nagireddy
Cast Dr. subbArAvu, gOvindaraajula as shAvukAru ,N.T Rama Rao, S.V Ranga Rao, P. Santa Kumari, Shaukaru Janaki .... debut , mOparru daasu, Kanakam , Padma Nabham , Madhavapeddi Satyam, vallabhajOSyula Sivaraam, Sreevaatsava, vangara , venkaTasubbayya
Photography Marcus Bartley
Art Madhavapeddi Gokhale and Kaladhar
Choreography (Dances) Krishnamurthi, Pasumarti
Story and Dialogues Chakrapani
Lyrics Sr Samudraala.
Music ghanTasaala venkaTESwararaavu
Playback baalasaraswati, raavu, Madhavapeddi Satyam, ghanTasaala venkaTESwararaavu, P.G Jikki Krishnaveni, Pithapuram naagESwararaavu, M.S rAmArAvu

  1. Sreelu celangE bhaarata bhoomini paalincina - ghanTasaala venkaTESwararaavu, (and daasu, mOparru)
  2. intEnannaa -- Madhavapeddi Satyam,
  3. maaripOvuraa kaalam - Madhavapeddi Satyam,
  4. peDadaaripaDake O manasaa - Madhavapeddi Satyam,
  5. palukaraadaTe chilukaa.. - ghanTasaala venkaTESwararaavu
  6. palukaraadaTE ... chilukaa palukavElanE ... raavu baalasaraswati,
  7. EmanenE cinnAri EmanenE - ghanTasaala venkaTESwararaavu
  8. Two Verses from pOtana's bhaagavatam - SahAna - simhEndramadhyamam - rAmArAvu, MS
  9. deepaawaLi deepaawaLi inTinta aananda - baalasaraswati, raavu (and Santa Kumari)
  10. deepaawaLi deepaawaLi inTinta - Pathos - baalasaraswati, raavu
  11. sarasula - Jikki Krishnaveni, P.G - naagESwararaavu, Pithapuram
  12. viraha vyadha ... telupuma O jaabilee - Jikki Krishnaveni, P.G - Pithapuram naagESwararaavu,
  13. bhalE doralaku dorakani sogasu - Kanakam
Regarding Director:
LVPrasad (akkineni laxmi vara prasad) started his career as gatekeeper in Bombay theatre. He acted in both the first talkies (alamara and bakta prahalada). He constructed a studio and a lab (prasad labs in hyderbad) and built super specialties hospital in Hyderabad for eye care. A street was named after him in madras. Also a postal cover was issued on his memory

The films he did are below:
1931baktaprahlaadaacted in the film
1940chaduvukunnabhAryaacted in the film
1940bArisTar pArwatISamacted in the film
1940bonDAm peLLiacted in the film
1941tenAlirAmakRshNatimmarusu AND corrupt match maker
1942gharAnAdongaacted in the film
1946gRhapravESammysogynist batchelor sOmalingam first debut as a director
1947palnATiyuddhamdirected the film as sri rambrahman died while completing the film
1948drOhiacted and directed the film
1949manadESamNTR's debut film and prasad directed the film
1950shAvukAruscreenplay and directed the film - janaki's debut film
1950samsAramdirected the film - savitri's debut film
1952peLLichEsichUDudirected the film
1952dAsidirected the film
1953pempuDukoDukuacted in the film
1955missammadirected the film
1959appujEsi pappukUDudirected the film
1965Illaluproduced the film. Gitanjali and r.nageshwara rao's debut film
1981amAvAsya candruDuacted as Madhavi's grand father

Story of the film:
The showkar (govindaraju subbarao) of the village is govindarajula subba rao. He is a miser. His son is NTR. Opposite the house lives the young janaki. They are from the poor family. NTR loves janaki. But showkar don't like it as they are from the poor family. He asks them to leave the house. When showkar felt sick, it none other than janaki who does all the needful, when the rowdi rangadu (svr in the role of sunnapu rangadu) comes to rob showkar it is janaki who rescue the showkar. The changed showkar agrees for the marriage.

Hightlights of the film:
It is gantasala's music which mesmaries the audience. Opening scene you hear the bells in the neck of the bulls and next you hear the bullock carts. Marcus Bartley's camera, Madhavapeddi Gokhale, and Kaladhar's art is too natural. It looks as if we are in the houses. Screenplay and dialogues resembles to our daily life (which was minus point for that time as the people are not used to see that type in the movies and that is one of the reason the film was not that hit at box-office). After a lot of gap the film was made in tamil with nirmala (later she became vijayanirmala) played the role of janaki. The action of govidrarajula subba rao, janaki,ntr, svr are memorable and needs to watch, cannot be described in.

On govindaraju subbarao :
He is one of the best character artists the telugu film field had. He is from tenali. He is also doctor (LMS) by profession. His other profession is playing dramas. He is famous for the role of yughandhar in the play prataparudeyam. Even though he is an allopathic doctor he used to do homeopathy too. He never used to bother about the fees from his patients. He was also interested in nuclear energy. He wrote a book "inorganic evaluation" on nuclear science. He doesn't have children so he brought up all his brothers children's as his. One of them is Mrs. Bapu.

His first film was malapilla (1938). He refused to shave his head for the role. After lot of convincing from the director rambrahmam and other, he took the permission from his mother to do it and finally agreed for it. But he refused to remove moustache until kanyasulkam(1955) role happened.

Some of his famous roles:
Balanagamma (1942) .. mayala marathi (gummadi says he saw that film 18times just for him)
Mayalokam (1945) ..
Palnati yudham (1947).. brahma naidu
Ratnamala (1947)
Gunasundari katha (1949) ugrasena maharaju
ShAvukAru (1950) shAvukAru changaiah
Kanyasulkam (1955).. lubdavadhanulu

His missed the role in "pellichesi choodu " (NTR's father role) because of the film Paleru, as he is working for that film, he was unable to do this role. But the film was never completed.

-by Tippi

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